The Mining Camp Experiment

Northern British Columbia is rich in natural forestry and mining resources. In the past decade, more attention has shifted to the vast potential in northern BC. Therefore, there has been an increased demand for temporary, energy efficient, cost effective housing.

Inside Out Construction teamed up with Net Zero Structures to erect a number of temporary mining cabins outside of Stewart, BC.

There were a number of challenges when working in remote regions.

# 1 Access.
The term road less travelled is an understatement! Lee and a small crew flew to this camp from Bell2 all the way to Alaska.

# 2 Neighbours.
There are tons of bears up there so the fence was a good thing!

#3 Supplies.
Since everything needs to be flown in, being organized when it comes to supplies is key.

#4 Communication.
Being in a remote area lends itself to no cell coverage and limited communication so again, organization is very important.